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A Great Stress Reliever from the Daily Commute (with a great message!)


My daily commute to and from San Francisco always involves riding San Francisco’s transportation agency, Muni, and Marin County’s Golden Gate Transit. But, in terms of stress relief, one song instantly hit my head…

Imagine traveling 30 miles everyday between your home and anywhere — your workplace, your school, your favorite hangout place. Add to that the fact that you take public transit instead of driving, and it takes you about 90 minutes to do such commute. Stressful at first, isn’t it, to travel that far and long? Yeah, I believe so because you’ll go through a lot of sceneries — either tall mountains or tall buildings, comfy seats or standing room only buses, fighting boredom or just daydreaming. You get the picture.

But, what if I tell you that to fight the boredom of sitting face forward to the front of the bus or sideways with traffic jam views, why not listen to music (of course while watching your belongings)? What if there’s one song that you like listening to that you might want to play it while you go through the most arduous part of your commute trip to work or going home? Well, I just found one that fits that description: Michael Buble, the renowned Canadian crooner, has recently released a wonderful song entitled Hollywood as a bonus track from his latest (successful!) album, Crazy Love. This really made me feel upbeat, it even allowed me to think back on my project and work well to accomplish it on time, complete, accurate, and detailed. Enjoy the video!

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