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One Large Album Now with New Sub-Albums!


Looking for a great San Francisco cable car picture that you want to share on your website? Or searching for a colorful and interesting bus that you want to showcase? Now, the main San Francisco Transport album on my Photobucket has become more organized!

Luckily, I worked through reorganizing SF Transport, one of the largest sub-albums in my album collection, and I redistributed many of its contents to have their own albums to allow more people to visit my transportation albums. In the reorganization, I have formed four new sub-albums that shows the diverse transportation options available in the Bay Area, including:

As for the rest of the albums, those will be reorganized as soon as possible, to be placed under the appropriate themes, and it will allow you to find pictures faster than ever before! Along with those, you might also want to see the Golden Gate Bridge album, in which next year, it will celebrate its 75th opening anniversary!

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