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In the End, It Doesn’t Really Matter…


Think that I’m referring to the Linkin Park song “In the End”? Not really, but it reminds me of how much I’ve endured through life that I can’t explain in one sitting.

For God knows where, I’m about to wrap up my spring semester with a lot of new things learned. And, in a short summary, this semester has got to be one of the most challenging and demanding semesters yet in my collegiate life. Why is it so? I’ll give you two things that really made me think to step up to the challenge instead of chicken out and drain myself:

  • My Land Use class, in which I first complained that he was a fast-speaking teacher and strongly advocates bicycling in San Francisco, placed me on the predicament that my professor does not believe much in public transportation as a viable mode to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while allowing more people to ride in a single vehicle. Plus, his topics were challenging enough that I really asked for his assistance so that I can succeed in his class: I watched a video then to allow myself to be introduced to the suburbanization of the United States. Sure did, it helped me understand even more how the divisions between cities and communities came into being, and it also helped me explore more about the subject to the point that I’m writing a project about an upcoming rail project in Marin County.
  • My Data Analysis class, in which we were given several exercises to do in terms of working with surveys and interpreting hard data from the Census, makes me nailed to the subject of working with transit issues even more. I’ve noticed that although public transportation is very much a part of life, at least in the City of San Francisco, more needs to be done to extend the reach of public transportation use to the rest of the Bay Area because not only it will help reduce carbon emissions, but it will also reduce congestion along the region’s freeways by driving less often.

However, I think that as of now, in the end, it doesn’t really matter if I got an A in the class or have a complete attendance. What’s important is that I’ve accomplished whatever is given of me to do, and that I will learn from all the topics discussed and projects submitted so that I can add those to my portfolio later when I eventually dig deeper into my chosen major of Urban Studies and Planning. And hopefully, once I finish the bachelor’s course, I will move on to taking Masters, and hopefully, Ph.D.

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