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Transit Stories: Golden Gate Transit – 1


Being the main public transportation provider for Marin County, Golden Gate Transit serves several cities and communities in the county with an above-average rating for passenger comfort and service.

I commute between my home in Novato and San Francisco at least twice a week to go to school, and I find that my commute does not only depend on how much I pay for the trip overall, but also by the quality of service I get from riding the bus. And in my opinion, Golden Gate Transit has exceeded my standards for quality public transit, not only because of the buses being well-maintained and exceeding my standards for a city bus, but also of the quality of service provided by the drivers and the communities that are being served by the agency.

Started in 1972 as a result of multiple studies on the feasibility of a public transit service for the county, Golden Gate Transit, one of the three jurisdictions that make up the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District (District), is one of the larger transit agencies in the Bay Area, and in my opinion, one of the safest and most well-maintained. Despite the fact that it provides local services in Marin County, Golden Gate Transit also extends its wings to serve Sonoma County to the north, Contra Costa County to the east, and San Francisco to the south. And, despite the economic and environmental challenges facing the San Francisco Bay Area, Golden Gate Transit strives to be environmentally-friendly while being sensitive to the economic needs and situation of the county by purchasing new hybrid-operated vehicles used for both local and commute services, as well as constantly improving its operations quarterly by adjusting routes and schedules according to demand to improve running time and performance.

Tomorrow, I will discuss what makes Golden Gate Transit a great agency that other companies can model upon.

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