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Easter Greetings and Reflection


This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad! (Psalms 118:24)

Happy Easter to one and all! I understand that Easter is a time of joy, a time for celebration, a time of renewal. But, in my case, it’s more than just the season of happiness: it’s a season of preparation as well for my upcoming finals in May too. While basketball fans think about who moves on to the next round of the NBA playoffs and baseball fanatics await the next big home run, university students like me think about what our final projects will be and when the final exams take place to prepare us for the next stage of our college lives, in my case being a senior (at last, but not really) at San Francisco State University.

In my own experience, Easter is a celebration of life, a celebration of love, a celebration of hope. The celebration of Christ resurrecting from the dead brings in a new sense of life to everyone in the community, not just Catholics and Christians who celebrate it. It also brings us a renewed sense of bonding between ourselves and God, our creator and artist, who shaped us uniquely into our own selves, our own bodies, everything “perfect” in His eyes. The bonding I get from God so far in my life has been personal, in which not only I pray to him fervently everyday, but I also work on the promises I offer to him every single day for His greater glory. I know I make mistakes, but God is willing to forgive my faults when I ask Him. Unfortunately, though, while I pray to God often, other issues and challenges come up as well, many of them being out of my control: natural phenomena, wars, economic instability, political mismanagement, all of which creating a huge cloud of fear and uncertainty among all of us.

And yet, Christ rising from the dead shows how much He loves us. He cares about us, He shows us the way to eternal life, He gives us opportunities to return to him when we are lost. If He was not there, we would just be terribly lost in faith and confused as to who we will follow. If He was not there, I would not get the grades I wanted or allow myself to travel safely through my Good Friday pilgrimage. It would have been a very different story. God loves us all, and through his son, Jesus, we are shown how to love God just as His son loved us, and with this Easter celebration, we celebrate Christ’s exaltation from our sinfulness and guilt, and He allows us to love Him back without condition or cost. It is something we need to reflect and pray upon, and hopefully, we can give Him the love He deserves.

Finally, Easter is a hopeful season for all of us. I know that even though Christ rose up to heaven on Ascension, He still is with us through the Holy Spirit, and it is something many people tend to forget. We have our own conscience to think that the Holy Spirit (the good spirit) is with us wherever we go, whatever we do, however we deal with our daily lives. But, it is also the Holy Spirit that guides us as well to Christ: He is in us, living with us, showing in our hearts, minds, and souls through our “living conscience”, in which I firmly believe in. It is a strong figure that we need to look at because it allows us to judge wisely, grow from our mistakes, and bring people closer together. Christ wants us to love one another as He did for us, and with a season of hope, I hope that we can love one another even though other people criticize us or judge our actions: it is through hope that we can understand the deeper meaning of love and why we celebrate Christ’s resurrection in the first place. It is through hope that we can pray that one day, God will allow us into His paradise.

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