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The iPad 2 has arrived, now in my hands


It’s a dream for a lot of tech junkies out there to get their hands on a shiny new iPad 2. Now it’s my turn to have one, and my assessment is highly positive.

As I arrived home, I saw on my counter top a regular box that contained my order information: March 22, my name, address, and barcodes galore. And I went upstairs and slowly opened the box. It then came to my mind that something really special is in it: the gadget I’ve waited for a month, my brand new iPad 2! But, as I looked at the equipment that went along with it, it seems like they did not include a set of earplugs in it: instead, it has a plug-in charger that I can use to charge my new gadget. Sure, it’s a great thing to have, but, I’ve got a lot of chargers at home, so thank you very much, Apple!

As I first saw the wide screen and my name engraved on the back of the iPad, it seemed like it has something special for me that I’ll use it everyday like my laptop, and sure did, the iPad won my heart. Not only it has a wide (about 10″ screen), but also the dual-facing cameras look great even in dark areas, the audio has been extended that I can listen to music or radio streaming without my headphones, and the overall aesthetics of the gadget complements my lifestyle of being a tech geek and a student. Plus, I ordered two extra items to go along with it: a gray Smart Cover to protect my iPad when not in use (also a wonderful holder if I want it to be like a picture frame, pictured), and a camera connector that allows me to upload pictures directly from either my camera or my Eye-Fi SD memory card, both of which would be very useful for my photography. The best part: with the wide screen and the graphic interface comparable to any modern tablet today, the iPad 2 is akin to a netbook and a music player in one, only that it’s thinner than the original iPad, more powerful, and has more features that will make techies and families wait for months just to have one. With 16GB and powerful WiFi (I opted not to get the 3G version due to added costs later to my phone bill), the iPad touch surpasses my expectations for portability, performance, and user-friendliness, and I just like to have it next to me on a daily basis.

More information on the iPad can be found here, and more pictures below.

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