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Double Spring Breaks for Me This Year…


This year, I’ve had not just one Spring Break (as most university students have), but two Spring Breaks. But the bad part: both happened a week apart from one another! The first Spring Break took place on the last week of March through the first week of April, and the second one took place just a week back. Sounds strange, isn’t it?

And yet, the second Spring Break was supposedly a class week for me. The reason I had a second break is because both my professors for the classes I’m taking were off for conferences, one in Seattle, the other I have no idea of. But, I took advantage of the second Spring Break to work on my upcoming project on my North Bay Case Study (the document will be explained at a later time). I’ve been doing my homework: making a PowerPoint, starting both my Introduction and the Case Study discussion, even talked to my teacher before the second break to make sure I’m on the right track. And yet, one thing’s for sure: I’m more relaxed now than ever before, and I’m ready to do the big finish for my Spring semester.

Unfortunately, the Spring Break did not take place this week, Holy Week, which for me means Holy Thursday, I’ve got school (huhuhu). But, on Good Friday, I’ll be off visiting churches, which would be nice since I’ll be doing it for my whole family. I think I would like to have more Spring Breaks, but I don’t want to overpower it with a long Summer Vacation later on… and I just want to have extra time to spend time with my family, which is why breaks are very useful for me.

For my finish to Spring Break, I’d say the most productive things I’ve ever done are:

  • I’ve started on the big project for my Land Use Planning (which is due May 16th)
  • I’ve revived this website and make it more attractive and appealing to more people

And for this Holy Week, I hope I can keep my promise of eating just fish and rice on Good Friday while keeping the day solemn… 🙂

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