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Palm Sunday Travel: A New McDonald’s


Yes I know that I usually bypass McDonald’s and have lunch at a more decent (sometimes upscale) restaurant chain or bakery. But, what I saw as I traveled from Fremont today and had a healthy, filling lunch has been quite a surprise: a new-look McDonald’s! Yes, the world’s largest fastfood chain has revealed its new identity (and a new face too!) that surprised me. This McDonald’s in Castro Valley, California has departed from the restaurant’s trapezoidal roof and have simpler yellow arches with a more inviting facade. All McDonald’s nowadays offer free WiFi service, but this McDonald’s serves much more than that: its looks have been revamped completely that one thinks that it has become a full-scale restaurant of its own (when it’s really a fastfood joint). What I’m most impressed about is how they laid out the inside of the store, in which the atmosphere seems to be more relaxing to the diners and appealing to those who want to drive by and get their Big Mac fix.

What I really like about this facade is the presence of the yellow “verandas” hanging from the exterior walls — those remind me of a place serving good food while providing diners a relaxed feel for the place. They’ve also improved the interiors by a notch by using more organic materials for the seats instead of plastic, while they integrated the outside facade with the restaurant’s interior wonderfully.

Here are some of the pictures I took from around the store. Enjoy!

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