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Good Friday: Go to Church or Celebrate Earth Day?


I am a practicing Catholic, and I am pleased to tell you that I will go to seven churches on Good Friday, which happens to be on April 22nd (this coming Friday!). But, along with a day of solemness, it’s also a day of celebration too: it’s Earth Day! That made me think: do I commemorate Good Friday by just visiting churches, or do I celebrate Earth Day by using less water and more transit?

What if I can do both?┬áHey, that’s a great idea!

So, on Good Friday, I’ll make sure to follow up on these thoughts:

1) On the day Christ died, I will ensure that I fast and abstain from up to three things (besides meat), which may include my iPod touch, dance music, and messing up my room all the time.

2) On Earth Day, I’ll make sure that I spend less time on my laptop and more time being outside to smell the fresh air. Along with that, I’ll also ensure that I donate to the victims of Japan and to the people who need my assistance (on Wednesday).

3) On the day I’ll be traveling around to visit seven churches, I’ll ensure that I pray for the people I care about, as well for those who continue to endure suffering and persecution in their daily lives so that they can see God’s grace soon.

Those are things that, hopefully, I can really keep and work on as I prepare for a great Easter.

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