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Giraffe Graffiti Artist Convicted; Where Are The Muni Taggers?


The picture above presents something I’m really bothered about: graffiti inside city buses, particularly San Francisco Muni. Yuck, I would see a lot of their graffiti inside their buses and trains, and to me, it seems like the City does not care for its long-standing (nearly 100 years old) transit agency, let alone the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) that operates it. What bothers me even more: how come those bus taggers usually run away without being caught by even the bus operators? Why do we need to bring in hordes of police officers and ticket inspectors just to spot them? Does this mean that the City of San Francisco doesn’t mind using its manpower to wastefully spend money on ticket inspectors running after graffiti artists, or police officers chasing after teenagers starting a fight on board a crowded articulated bus?

Here’s a story that reminds me of such scenario: a giraffe artist seems like he has gone too far that he has been convicted of two felony counts for vandalism and two misdemeanor counts for vandalism in San Jose. (Story can be accessed here) Now that he has been arrested and convicted, what about those Muni taggers? Where are they? And why aren’t they usually being broadcast on the news or on online media? That really bothers me. When will Muni ever clean up its act and start arresting those taggers who continue to mess with the buses and trains? When will the City realize that graffiti on transit does not make great art but a great expense to clean?

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