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Since 2017, the San Francisco Bay Area has seen a growing trend in privately-run, dockless bike and electric scooter sharing services aimed at improving mobility for people at reasonable prices. These mobility vehicles are peppered in various locations in the region, with ride times and costs comparable to their respective bus services for short hops. These also address the perennial issue of first- and last-mile access, especially for commuters who might be in a neighborhood with poor access to bus, light rail, or train services.

Compared to the docked version of bikesharing like Ford Go Bike, dockless bike and electric scooter sharing have their own apps that allow patrons to use their bikes and scooters, allowing them to pick up and drop off their mobility choice anywhere within their service areas. All dockless bike sharing and scooter sharing companies provide flexible per ride costs for casual riders and monthly passes for regular users.

Note on electric scooter sharing in San Francisco: as of July 2018, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority has suspended all electric scooter sharing services until guidelines are established on determining the number of scooters each company can operate. Details here


Bird operates electric scooter rentals in San Francisco and San Jose.


Jump is a San Francisco-based electric bike sharing service currently available in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz. This service requires users to enter a code located at the back of a bike before use, and the bikes are meant to be returned at any available bike rack or pole.


Lime provides a comprehensive slate of bike and scooter sharing services, currently operating in the East Bay, San Francisco, and Santa Clara County. A dedicated showcase for this company available here


Spin provides a slate of manual powered bike and electric scooter rentals in San Francisco and San Mateo County.