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Bicycling in the San Francisco Bay Area is a very popular activity, in which it provides a great way to see the region, away from the stresses of car driving or taking mass transit. Hundreds of miles of bike trails and bike lanes exist regionwide, and more are being developed every year to the delight of residents and tourists.


Cycling comes in different styles and methods, from single riders to tandems to tricycles. You can see them nearly everywhere, and those appear a lot during commute hours, specialized tours, and special events.

Bike Policies

You can carry your bike on most transit vehicles, from buses to ferries to trains. A word of caution, though: bike space on all transit modes may be limited, and some vehicles do not allow bikes on board.

Bike and Electric Scooter Share​

A competitor to the bike sharing services provided by Ford, a few startup firms like Bird, Lime (below), and Spin provide electric scooter sharing in some locations throughout the Bay Area and beyond, providing affordable mobility options compared to a regular bus or train fare.

Ford Go Bike Share

Bay Area BikeShare is a docked bike sharing program that is currently expanding beyond the confines of San Francisco.  It offers daily and annual membership programs that allow commuters and casual tourists to cycle around the region.


LimeBike is a dockless bike and scooter sharing program that allows users to cycle around cities cheaply and easily using a smartphone app.