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Comprising about half of the region’s Wine Country, Sonoma County hosts to a limited number of public transportation options, including several city-focused transit agencies (Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit, Healdsburg In-City Transit, and Cloverdale Transit) and three regional transit agencies (Sonoma County Transit, Golden Gate Transit, and Napa VINE). Mendocino County, on the other hand, has an extremely limited public transit network due to its limited urban area confined to Ukiah, with service provided by Mendocino Transit Authority (MTA) that provides service as far south as Santa Rosa.

Mendocino Transit Authority (MTA)

Mendocino Transit Authority uses cutaway vans that primarily serve mainly-rural Mendocino County. With limited services, these buses are used as the agency’s transit fleet that connect communities in the county, as well as two routes serving Sonoma County as far south as Santa Rosa, called the CC Rider (Route 65) to Fort Bragg via Ukiah and the South Coast Rider (Route 95) to Point Arena via Bodega Bay.

Petaluma Transit

The City of Petaluma operates its own transit intracity transit agency that circulates around many of the city’s communities and attractions on both the east and west sides of US Highway 101 that cuts the city into two.

Santa Rosa CityBus

A city-operated transit agency, Santa Rosa CityBus primarily operates within the City of Santa Rosa and the unincorporated areas around Roseland.  It now has its own showcase.

Sonoma County Transit

The main bus company serving Sonoma County, it now has its own showcase.