WestCAT (West Contra Costa Transportation Authority)

While smaller in size than AC Transit’s operations in the county, WestCAT primarily serves the cities of Hercules and Pinole, with a route extending to Martinez Amtrak Station (Route 30Z) operating weekdays. Despite serving a localized area, several bus lines also serve attractions as Richmond Parkway Transit Center and Hilltop Mall in Richmond; El Cerrito del Norte BART station in El Cerrito; and Contra Costa College in San Pablo. WestCAT also operates Lynx, a weekday-only commute service operating between Hercules and San Francisco, with peak period services operating also to and from Biorad and Victoria-by-the-Bay community.

Local and Express Services Within the East Bay

WestCAT operates two types of Gillig buses for its local and express (to and from El Cerrito del Norte BART) services:

  • Gillig Phantom (40-footer)
  • Gillig BRT diesel bus (35- and 40-footer)

It also operates Ford E350 and E450 cutaway vans for its low-ridership and paratransit services.

Gillig Phantom 40-footer Bus (100 to 119)
While these buses are being retired slowly, five of them are still in use, mostly found on the J express routes between El Cerrito del Norte BART and Hercules Transit Center:

  • JL via Hilltop Mall and Lakeside Drive
  • JR via Richmond Parkway Transit Center (some late night trips combine JL and JR)
  • JPX via Pinole Valley Road (some continue as Route 30Z to Martinez Amtrak via CA-4)
Gillig BRT 35-Footer Low-Footer Bus (151 to 154)
This version has frameless windows.
Gillig BRT 35-Footer Low-Floored Bus (155 to 159)
This version has framed windows and the same headlight design as 151 to 154 above.
Gillig BRT 35-Footer Low-Floored Bus (160 to 169 series)
This is the newest version of the bus, with a different headlight design as the latest Gillig BRT.
Gillig BRT 40-footer Low-Floored Bus (4xx Series)
Ford E350 Cutaway Van
This type is used for low-ridership services.

WestCAT Lynx to San Francisco

This commuter service operates between Hercules and San Francisco weekdays only, with peak period services extended to Biorad and Victoria-by-the Bay in Hercules. While it commands a higher fare than its local and express services, these buses have WiFi on board, along with reclining chairs, headlights, and tables, and two types of buses are used for this service, namely:

  • Gillig Phantom Suburban-Style Coach (40-foot, high-floored standard bus) – these also have front-mounted bike racks for bicyclists.
  • Motor Coach Industries D4500CL (45-foot, high-floored commuter bus) – these also have a baggage rack that may also be used as bike storage.
  • Prevost X3-45 Commuter Coach
 Prevost X3-45 Commuter Coach (205 and 206)
Motor Coach Industries D4500CT (200 to 204, 207)
Formerly outfitted with TwinVision signs, these buses have been updated with Hanover digital signs.
Motor Coach Industries D102L3
These buses (units 805 and 806) have been handed down from Golden Gate Transit, and are used in addition to the above high-backed commuter coaches on the LYNX.
Gillig Phantom 40-footer Bus
Two types of Gillig Phantom buses are used on LYNX:

  • One two-door version (number 111)
  • Three one-door, suburban version handed down from SamTrans (801 to 804)