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Union City Transit is an intra-city transit agency operating mostly within Union City, with additional service to neighboring Hayward (on Whipple Avenue and Mission Boulevard). Union City BART station serves as the agency’s hub. Eight lines are operated around Union City, of which some of them interline at Union Landing. This is one agency, however, that does not honor the Clipper Card as form of payment of September 2016.

These services operate to Union City attractions including Union Landing Shopping Center, Alvarado District, Downtown, Masonic Home, and Kaiser Hospital, as well as several schools, parks, and housing subdivisions within the city. Founded in 1974, it provides additional bus services not provided by AC Transit, and it primarily uses baby (30- and 35-footer) buses that traverse through mainly residential neighborhoods. Note that all of UCT’s buses operate using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), prominently labeled at the rear and sides of all buses.

Routes and Days of Operation

Union City Transit operates daily, with no operation on many holidays. While all trips serve Union City BART, only one line (Route 2) does not operate to Union Landing Transit Center directly; it interlines with Route 8 to serve Union Landing from Kaiser Hospital.

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Days of Operation
Express service available on 9-Dyer Express
Continues as 8-Alvarado/Niles
Continues as 4-Tamarack
Continues as 3-Almaden
7-Alvarado Circulator
Daily except Sundays
Most trips begin and end at Union Landing Transit Center
Continues as 2-Whipple
9-Dyer Express
Weekday Peak Periods only
Operates to BART AM peak; from BART PM peak

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Bus Types

Orion V 30-footer CNG Bus

Most of this bus type have been retired and replaced with the Gillig Low Floor 35-footer CNG bus.

​Orion VII 30-footer CNG Bus

Gillig Advantage LF35 CNG Bus
Gillig Advantage LF35 CNG Bus (new livery)

This was introduced in early 2016 as a logo renewal from its original livery dating from the 1980s.

Union City Paratransit
This service is provided alongside Union City Transit’s regular bus services to accommodate handicapped and senior passengers wishing to go around Union City and nearby communities.