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The Livermore-Amador Valley Transportation Authority (LAVTA) manages Wheels, a mid-sized bus company that operates primarily in the Livermore and San Ramon Valleys, including the cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and San Ramon. It serves four BART stations, with the primary ones being the West and East Dublin/Pleasanton Stations, as well as Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill Stations in neighboring Contra Costa County for the Pittsburg/Bay Point-SFO Airport service. It also serves three ACE stations, namely Pleasanton, Livermore, and Vasco Road, as well as multiple shopping centers, government offices, and recreational centers in the Tri-Valley region, including Stoneridge Mall, Paragon Outlets, Alameda County Fairgrounds, and.Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. 
On weekdays, a direct service between Pleasant Hill BART and East Dublin/Pleasanton BART is operated as an express commute service along Interstate 680; another express service operates between Downtown Livermore and East Dublin/Pleasanton BART via Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/Sandia (mornings to BART, afternoons to Livermore). 

An interesting facet of the agency is that it stresses services operating inside Hacienda Business Park, a vast business center in Pleasanton hosting to multiple high-tech companies and restaurants, in which residents and commuters are encouraged to use Wheels to go to, from, and around the business park.

Baby Buses
These are used on community routes and shuttles in and around the Tri-Valley, with services to neighborhoods around Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, and San Ramon. More than likely, these buses also operate through mainly residential neighborhoods and school routes.
Gillig BRT Hybrid 30-Footer Bus (07xx and 11xx Series)

This bus type is mostly used on short routes to and from Dublin/Pleasanton BART. However, a few of these buses are also used on the Tri-Valley Rapid (below) that travel between Pleasanton and Livermore.

17xx Series
These buses have the newest Wheels livery.

Standard Sized (35 and 40-footer) Buses
These buses are primarily used for many services of Wheels.
Gillig Advantage LF40 Bus
The low-floored version provides lots of standing and seating room, most commonly used on local services.
Gillig BRT Hybrid 40-Footer Bus
This bus type is being introduced in waves as Wheels has recently retired the Gillig Phantom buses in August 2016 and is receiving new vehicles for its fleet.
09xx Series (40-footer buses)
While most of this bus type are used for the Tri-Valley Rapid (below), one bus (numbered 912) has been painted with a special livery, commemorating Wheels’ 30th Anniversary in 2013 with a large American flag shown on both sides of the bus.
16xx Series
Two types of this variant exist:

  • 35-footer (1601 to 1610, with 1601 to 1607 wrapped in Tri-Valley Rapid livery, and 1608 to 1610 in all-white “albino” livery)
  • 40-footer (1611 with the American Flag livery, 1612 to 1620 in all-white “albino” livery)
16xx Series (1608 to 1610)
16xx Series (1611 to 1620)
This variant replaced the recently-retired Gillig Phantom buses and is used on its express services, namely:

  • Route 20X (Dublin BART – Livermore Transit Center via I-580, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • Route 70X (Dublin BART – Pleasant Hill BART via Walnut Creek BART)
  • Route 580X (Dublin BART – Livermore Transit Center via I-580)
17xx Series (40-footer buses)
As with the 29′ Gillig BRT above, these buses also sport Wheels’ new livery.

Tri-Valley Rapid

The Tri-Valley Rapid operates as a Bus Rapid Transit service between Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Transit Center in eastern Livermore via Dublin/Pleasanton BART, San Francisco Premium Outlets, and Downtown Livermore. It operates weekdays only from around 5am to 9pm, with dedicated stops along Dublin Boulevard, Stanley Boulevard, and East Avenue, and these use specially-designed buses that allow quick boarding and disembarking.

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Source: FlickRiver


Original Tri-Valley Rapid Route Map (source: Around Dublin Blog)
Gillig BRT Hybrid 30-Footer Bus (07xx, 09xx, and 11xx Series)
Gillig BRT Hybrid 35-Footer Bus (16xx Series)
This bus type was debuted in August 2016, currently used on the 30R between West Dublin/Pleasanton BART and East Avenue (at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) in Livermore.
Gillig BRT Hybrid 40-Footer Bus (09xx Series)